Dental Care For Teenagers

As your teenager grows and changes, their body will undergo a series of physical transformations — their teeth included. When their adult teeth grow in and their hormones begin to shift, they may experience recurring bouts of bad breath, misaligned teeth, stained teeth, and more. These changes can also negatively affect their self-esteem, rendering dental attention not only ideal for the sake of their health, but for their confidence on an everyday basis.

Entering Adulthood and A Changing Dental Landscape

Once your teenager has established regular habits around their dental health — like flossing, brushing, and using fluoride mouthwashes — the time may come that they require more comprehensive services.

For example, they may want to consult with our orthodontic team to find the treatment best suited to any crooked or overcrowded teeth, and/or over or underbites. Additionally, our proactive approach to cleanings — as well as our ability to attend areas your teen might not be able to see or reach — will also help to eliminate chronic bad breath and potential cavities in areas that are prone to plaque buildup.

Finally, our teeth whitening treatments will help to brighten their smile, removing any stains left by coffee, sweets, dental neglect, or a simple genetic predisposition for yellowing.

What to Expect

Just because your teenager knows how to attend to their dental hygiene on a daily basis does not mean they will follow through, nor does it mean they will know how to tackle the new challenges that arise with their age. During their teenage years, we will …

Continue to teach your teen skills to enhance their daily dental hygiene.

Clean your teen’s teeth to reduce the build-up of plaque and food residue.

Check your teen’s teeth for signs of cavities and other oral diseases.

Help your teen to feel comfortable continuing to visit the dentist into their young adult years.

Guage your teen’s candidacy for orthodontic treatment.

Address any lingering questions or concerns your teen may have regarding their oral health.

Once established, we value maintaining the positive relationship between your teen and their dentist. Their experience during their teenage years is also pivotal to how they will choose to continue caring for their teeth into adulthood, which is why we encourage parents to continue scheduling regular appointments for their teenagers.