When planning your summer BBQ, incorporating fruits that are gentle on your teeth is a wise choice. Choosing the right fruits can help you avoid dental issues such as tooth decay or enamel erosion. Your friends here at Cochran, Soares & Associates LOVE a good summer BBQ, but not quite as much as we LOVE good dental health habits. We’ve put together a list of friendly fruits to help you have fun this summer while still keeping your oral health optimal! Here are some of our top picks that are not only delicious but also kind to your dental health.


Known for its high water content, watermelon is a quintessential summer fruit that is also low in acids, making it an excellent choice for protecting your teeth. It’s refreshing quality and sweet taste make it a crowd-pleaser at any outdoor gathering.


This melon is another fantastic option for those looking to keep their menu tooth-friendly. Cantaloupe has low acidity and a subtly sweet flavor, perfect for a light, refreshing dessert or side dish.


Pears offer a softer option compared to acidic citrus fruits. They have a gentle impact on the enamel and can be a safer choice if you’re concerned about dental health.


Extremely low in acidity, bananas are soft and easy on the teeth. They can be served in slices or added to fruit salads, making them versatile for any BBQ setting.


Although often categorized as a vegetable, cucumbers are technically a fruit. They are excellent for dental health due to their low sugar and acid content. Add slices to your water for a refreshing twist or include them in salads for a crunchy texture.


Kiwis are somewhat acidic but are also packed with Vitamin C and essential nutrients. They can be a healthy addition to your diet when consumed in moderation.


Peaches have a bit of acidity but are generally safe for your teeth, especially if you peel them. Their juicy flavor and soft texture make them perfect for summer desserts or as a stand-alone snack.

To further protect your teeth at your BBQ, consider rinsing your mouth with water after eating these fruits to help neutralize any acids. Additionally, offering dairy products like cheese can counteract the effects of fruit acids and provide calcium, which strengthens teeth. By choosing the right fruits and pairing them with other protective measures, you can enjoy a tooth-friendly BBQ that doesn’t compromise on taste or fun.

We hope you and your children enjoy your summer, but remember not to wait all summer to schedule your child’s annual check-up. We’re here to help you stay on top of your child’s oral hygiene and dental health!