Happy New Year from your friends here at Cochran, Soares & Associates! While you’re enjoying the reprieve from the hectic holiday season, we’re going to get proactive and offer up some tasty options for your lil’ sweethearts come February.

For Valentine’s Day, there are several healthy sweet treats that you can give to your littles instead of traditional candies that tend to (traditionally) be loaded with sugars. Here’s a short list of some of our personal favorites. These options are not only delicious but also better for their dental health:

Fruit is your friend when it comes to maintaining a nice balance of sweetness and health, and Fruit Kebabs are a fun way to show your kiddos some love. You can create colorful kebabs using a variety of fruits like strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and melon. They’re naturally sweet and visually appealing for children.

Yogurt Parfaits are full of flavors and textures that are appealing and fun. Layer Greek yogurt with fresh berries and a sprinkle of granola. Yogurt is a great source of calcium, which is beneficial for teeth.

Are we really going to recommend chocolate?? Dark Chocolate Dipped Fruit is almost always a crowd favorite–especially around Valentine’s Day. Chocolate generally dissolves quickly, not giving it much time to do damage to healthy tooth enamel. Additionally, dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk chocolate. Dip fruits like strawberries or banana slices in melted dark chocolate for a healthier treat.

Homemade Fruit Leather (we told you fruit was your friend) is a better choice than traditional gummies that can stick to crevices between teeth. Make fruit leather at home using pureed fruit. It’s a fun and healthy alternative to store-bought fruit roll-ups, which often contain added sugars.

If your little sweeties prefer something a lil’ savory, you can give them some Cheese Sticks or Cubes. Cheese is great for dental health as it contains calcium and helps to neutralize acid in the mouth.

Remember, while these are healthier options, moderation is key, and it’s always good to encourage children to brush their teeth and floss after having sweet treats. Regular cleaning and check-ups are also crucial to keeping your kids cavity-free this year. Feel free to reach out to reach out to set up your child’s first appointment of the new year (if you haven’t already) and let your friends here with Drs. Cochran, Soares and Associates help your kids in their quest to stay cavity-free this year!