Whether it’s a wiggle or a worsening pain that has your attention, it’s perfectly understandable that the overall well-being of your child’s smile remains a prominent concern.

Thus, if the health of a single baby tooth gets called into question, it’s natural to wonder whether or not the tooth can simply be removed. So… can it?

And if so, when (and under what conditions) should your child have their little teeth extracted?

The Answer in Terms of Age

The simple answer? It’s best to try to avoid having your child’s baby teeth pulled at all.

“When a baby tooth is lost too early, the permanent teeth can drift into the empty space and make it difficult for other adult teeth to find room when they come in,” as explained by the American Dental Association (ADA). “This can make teeth crooked or crowded.”

In other words, the early removal of baby teeth may only cause or exacerbate other dental problems further down the line.

Instead, it’s best to wait for baby teeth to fall out on their own. Otherwise, in the case of oral health, we recommend you pursue preventative methods:

Seeing Through the Lens of Circumstance

While it is ideal for baby teeth to remain in place, there are still instances wherein extraction may become a necessity.

For example, “the main reason of extraction among [baby] teeth was found to be caries (64.3%),” according to a 2017 study. Additionally, “more than 1 in 5 children aged 2 to 5 years has at least one cavity in their baby teeth,” as reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Other reasons for extraction may include:

Before you opt to have a tooth pulled, however, always be sure to ask your pediatric dentist what other alternatives may be available to you and your child.

Your Trusted Pediatric Professionals

Depending on the nature of your child’s smile — as well as their comfort level when it comes to dental care in general — it can be difficult to find the professional(s) best suited to your child’s needs and temperament.

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