As your child dons their costume and grins brightly with their chosen vehicle for candy collection, it’s hard not to smile along with them. After all, with such excitement comes an opportunity to relish in their happiness and help them protect the smile that never fails to brighten your day.

The trick, of course, is knowing what treats are apt to negatively impact the smile that you love so much.

Thus, as you ready yourself for your door-to-door excursion, you may find yourself wondering: What candies should you avoid giving out, as well as avoid letting your child eat on Halloween?

Frighteningly Chewy

Most kids become ghoulishly excited for gummies, but these chewy treats are the most likely to become globbed on to their teeth, leaving more than enough sugary particles wedged into the deeper crevices of their teeth. In other words, from Starburst to Sour Patch Kids and more, you’ll want to make sure your kids are diligent about their oral hygiene if they’re to avoid the cavities these candies will undoubtedly treat them to.

Additionally, if your child is already undergoing orthodontic treatment, such sticky candies can hold fast to metal brackets and wires, putting them at risk of bending, breaking, and possibly hurting your child’s mouth.

When Hard Candy Leaves You Howling

One bite of bad luck is all it takes. That is, hard candies like lollipops and Jaw Breakers are likely to chip a tooth if approached with too much vigor, as well as scrape your child’s soft gums and mouth tissue when fragmented too suddenly and forcefully. 

Regardless of whether your child has braces or not, we recommend either steering clear of hard candy or making sure they only suck on them, lest they hurt themselves in the process of getting their quick fix of sugar.

Toffee, Popcorn, and Apples — Oh, my!

This final suggestion is aimed primarily at orthodontic patients, as toffee, popcorn, and apples are three of the most common culprits for Halloween mishaps.

First, toffee presents the worst of both worlds when looking at the aforementioned candies to avoid. While the first bite may be hard enough to rattle one’s jaw, the treat itself will quickly devolve into a sticky mess, presenting opportunities for wrecking your child’s braces.

Apples are the same — they should always be sliced neatly for consumption or avoided altogether, never bitten into directly. And, finally, popcorn is essentially on the “banned for braces” list altogether, as the soft fluffy portions may get stuck underneath brackets, whereas hard kernels may wedge painfully between your child’s teeth and be incredibly difficult to clean out effectively.

All in all, with a strategic plan in place, you can easily help your child navigate the safest and most fun ways to celebrate your favorite spooky holiday! Simply remember to floss and brush thoroughly after trick-or-treating, and moderate the intake of their candy cache as the year progresses.

And if you’re not sure what your child can eat, or if you simply need some post-Halloween dental maintenance, it’s time to contact Setzer, Cochran, and Soares Pediatric Dentistry! We offer a warm welcome and look forward to helping your child achieve a beautiful smile, so schedule an appointment with us today!