The fondness for everything sugary is quite common among kids. Come to think of our childhood! Parents at large were preoccupied with keeping us from candies, donuts, and chocolates. While occasional indulgences were entertained, sugar was strictly excluded from our regular diet. We had heard our dentists say that sugar causes bacteria. Our elders opined that it’s harmful to our oral health. Today in the course of the post, we’ll take a more detailed look at ways in which sugar actually harms kids’ oral health.

The Impact of Sugar on your Child’s Oral Health

Reach out to a credentialed clinic offering pediatric dentistry in south Jacksonville and they will actually tell you how exactly the regular consumption of sugar leads to tooth decay. The sugar is not directly responsible for the damage but definitely what you have eaten or drunk. The acids present in the sugary food are responsible for dissolving the minerals that make up the enamel. With regular intake of sugary food, the enamel or the outer layering of the teeth becomes porous thereby leading to the formation of holes.

With the passage of time, the holes in your teeth tend to become bigger thereby making way for the formation of a cavity in your kids’ teeth. Are you consulting the best south Jacksonville pediatric dentistry services? Make sure you are scheduling appointments on a regular basis. In this manner, you will be informed about the present conditions and needs (if any) of your child’s dental health. As of now, read on to know how exactly sugar affects your child’s oral health.

The Role Played by Bacteria

Our mouth is already filled with bacteria. When your kid ends up consuming a lot of sugar via food or drinks, then the bacteria utilize this sugar to stick to their teeth and feed on them. The chances of decay intensify when the kid doesn’t clean his teeth thoroughly after consuming sugar likewise. As the bacteria get a chance to feed itself it quickly multiplies thereby forming plaque. Many of us aren’t really aware but cavities are actually the result of bacterial infection caused by the acids.

Get in Touch with a Good Dentist

It is very important on your end to ensure that you’re preserving your kid’s smile by keeping him away from sugar and other such catalysts of tooth decay. Besides, make sure you are availing quality south Jacksonville pediatric dentistry services. By scheduling regular dental checkups you will eventually be able to:

  • Keep track of the exact condition of your child’s dental health
  • Figure out or identify whether there are other sources of cavity except sugar or not
  • Find out whether your child needs to avoid anything apart from sugar or not (dentists are more informed than the internet..:D)

Just ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned to get the best dentist on board for your child. Do not settle for services until you are actually sure about the credentials of the dentist.

  • For how long has he been offering services in this industry?
  • Have you visited the clinic yourself? Have you found out whether the staff is friendly enough to deal with the mood swings that are so normal for kids visiting clinics?
  • Has the clinic earned reviews and ratings?

Please procure answers to these questions before settling for services.