Remember when your mother used to say not to eat too many sweets otherwise your tooth would go bad? Well no matter how much of a mood spoiler it is, it is actually pretty true. But not only sweets, any food article if not completely removed from our mouth will not only get deposited in our tooth and cause problems like tooth ache and cavities but also cause other problems like bleeding gums, gingivitis, bad odor and many more problems.

So for healthier teeth and gums, Setzer and Cochran, a pediatric dental office in South Jacksonville, brings you the basic oral health practices which you should always follow.

  1. Always brush before going to bed: We all brush in the morning but most of us either forget or neglect the fact that we should brush at night. The nighttime brushing routine is essential as it removes the plaques and germs that have built-up throughout the day.
  2. Don’t forget your tongue: Plaque builds up on the tongue causing bad breath and other oral problems. Go gentle on your tongue and make a habit of cleaning it every time you brush.
  3. Always floss: Flossing stimulates the gum, reduces plaque and also helps lower inflammation. It is imperative you remove the small pieces of food stuck between your teeth. There is literally no excuse not to floss. If you find it difficult, use ready to use flossers available easily from your nearby chemist.
  4. Mouthwash is a must: If you are always in a hurry and don’t have time to brush especially during morning rush hours (though you should), then consider using a mouthwash. It helps to maintain the ph of the mouth, cleans areas hard to reach for the brush and also re-mineralizes the teeth.
  5. Hydrate plenty: Drinking plenty of water is not only good for your body as it helps to flush out toxins but water also helps to wash out negative effects of sticky foods and the acidic foods like tea or coffee which can stain our teeth.
  6. Reduce sugar intake: Excessive sugar is a health hazard and we know that very well. But in this fast paced world, almost everything has sugar infused in it somehow. Cutting down sugar helps to prevent cavities and other oral problems as sugar gets converted into acid in the mouth and erodes the enamel.
  7. Green veggies are your friend: You can’t say that McDonalds burger is tastier and it also has lettuce in it which is a green vegetable which is good so it is healthy. Let us put logic back in its place and say that fast foods contain huge number of carbohydrates which are basically sugar and erode your enamel. Green veggies mean increase intake of salads, fresh fruits and homemade food.
  8. Minimum 2 visits a year to the dentist: Even after taking a lot of precautions, having some oral problem has become inevitable in this age. So visit a dentist twice and year to keep those pearly white attractive teeth in check.

It is important to choose a good dental clinic where you are not only under the supervision of skilled personnel but also where you feel comfortable and this becomes even more sensitive for a pediatric dental clinic. But Setzer and Cochran manages to do that and be the best pediatric dental office in Jacksonville. With skilled dentists, welcoming and comfortable environment and with the belief that every child is a precious gift we offer various services like oral and IV sedation, emergency care, hospital dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric and preventative care and many more.