Numerous people are afraid of seeing a dentist. Even if dentists use advanced dental procedures and technologies now, most people can do anything to avoid a dental check up. So, why do people fear dentists despite knowing that only them can restore their smiles and take away the pain? If you are searching for the best South Jacksonville Dentistry Jacksonville FL but you are full of fear, you are not alone. Several other people are just like you and it is time to learn the source of this fear. Why do so many people have a fear of a dental professional? Here are four reasons why:

  • They detest the pain

    When you have an aching tooth, the pain can be so severe that the only thing you want to do is to see your dentist. However, don’t be surprised at all if you change your mind when the pain goes away. Many people are guilty of postponing their dental visits just because their first visit was terribly painful or they have heard others talking about their bad experiences. The truth is that modern dentists, including those in the top pediatric dental office in South Jacksonville, numb the mouth with anesthetic drugs. While you may feel some pain when your gum is being injected, you will remain calm during treatment. Additionally, your dentist will give you some pain killers to stop the pain and antibiotics to prevent an infection.

  • The fear of dental tools

    Those who have seen a dentist’s tool tray can confirm that it holds frightening things. Some tools are for drilling and others are for clamping a tooth during the extraction process. It is better to pay less attention to these scary tools when you visit your dentist and focus on the help they will give you. As the area being treated will be numbed with anesthetic drugs, the tools will not cause discomfort or pain.

  • They fear losing a tooth or two

    There are countless people who have decayed teeth and are not doing anything about them. They are just holding on the hope that the teeth will stop hurting and continue being useful. No body wants to have that sunken appearance that emerges after the removal of several teeth and severe bone loss. Nevertheless, people should know that dental specialists have advanced restorative procedures they can use to prevent bone loss after tooth removal. For instance, a dental implant is an effective way of restoring a lost tooth as it is a permanent and fixed type of artificial tooth. Removable dentures can also be obtained painlessly and they are a nice way to restore your smile. If you have a chipped or a cracked front tooth, your dentist can restore it with veneers or lumineers and this is painless. A back tooth such as a premolar can be capped with a dental crown.

  • They fear the unknown

    This mostly affects people who have never received any form of dental treatment. Not knowing what to expect from a dentist can make them delay their next dental visit. It can be so hard to relax when you don’t understand a dental process properly and if you have had a bad experience before. To beat this feeling, ask your dentist to explain how they will perform the whole procedure and assure you that there will not be intolerable pain.

If you are overwhelmed by fear, the first step is to locate the reputable South Jacksonville pediatric dentistry office. Once you do, have a talk with the dentist who will treat you so they can help you relax.