• Insurance Verification

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  • Our Financial Policy and How it Works For You

    Whether you are paying with cash or using insurance, you are always ultimately responsible for your bill. We expect payment at the time of service, so please make arrangements to pay when you arrive for your appointments.

    Our Responsibilities

    • We will verify your insurance benefits.
    • We will bill your insurance for you as a courtesy.
    • We will correct any errors we have made when there is a billing dispute.
    • We will provide guidance in getting your bills paid.

    Your Responsibilities

    • Please know and understand your insurance coverage.
    • Please pay your deductible, coinsurance or copayment at the time of your treatment.
    • Please read and keep your Explanation of Benefits statements from your insurance.
    • Please follow up promptly with claims that are not paid by your insurance company, or you will be billed directly for them.
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